Sanitary Bins Disposal Service

How do you safely dispose of sanitary waste?

Disposing off Sanitary Waste Safely enables us to protect people coming into direct contact with bodily fluids or bacteria and to provide a safe work environment for cleaners.

Cleaners- DO not Empty, why this sign is there in some of the workplaces?

If you see any sign which says Cleaners- Do not empty it refers to the fact where professional sanitary bins disposal service is responsible for emptying those bins on a regular basis. Some of the services include granules to extend the time between the collections.

How often should sanitary bins be emptied?

Essential Hygiene recommends emptying your Sanitary disposal bins for weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Our Hygiene experts will access if you require a frequent service run or it should be weekly, fortnightly, or monthly. Based on this our customer service will reach you to discuss in detail.

How often can Essential Hygiene service my businesses?

Once we receive your request for a service or product, one of our customer service representatives will discuss in detail about your business requirements and can provide weekly, fortnightly, or four-weekly service.

After Installation when will bins be exchanged?

We want to ensure that we provide you on time guaranteed service, this is based on the frequency you have agreed upon. Once the installation is done we will assign you to one of our service runs and the service is completed at the required Intervals. Some of our clients provide us keys to services the premises before they get open. If you have any requirement to change the frequency you can any time connect with us change the time and intervals.

How do you service Sanitary Bins?

At every service, Essential Hygiene brings all the Sanitary and Nappy Disposal Units to our Depot, where they are emptied, washed, and sanitized at our depot. Surfaces are treated with our barrier sanitizer forming a protective layer, killing 99.9 % germs for up to 30 days.

What is your unique full exchange service? Is it better than in cubicle services?

All our units are produced with an anti-microbial plastic coating which inhibits the growth of bacteria, protecting you right from the start. We bring all our units back to our depot for the deep washing and sanitising. Then our units go contains an eco-friendly sterilising vapor with essential oils to inhibits the bacteria growth.

What is the difference with In cubicle service and Full exchange service?

Some of the companies empty bins inside the office premises leaving behind the bacteria while in Full Exchange Service bins are fully replaced with a new sanitized bin , which contains granules to delay bacteria and odour growth.

What is the cost of your Sanitary Bin Disposal Service?

We provide tailored quotations based on various factors i.e your location, a number of services weekly, fortnightly or monthly, etc. One of our customer representatives will access the frequency of services, your location, and the number of units you require. Based on that the best cost will be provided to your business.

What happens to the waste?

Essential Hygiene disposes of sanitary waste as per the local government and EPA. and all the sharps and all the other clinical and hazardous material. Incineration. This eliminates toxic and hazardous waste while also reducing its volume to contaminations and lading up in the landfill.

Do we still need our cleaners?

Yes. Essential Hygiene Services are not designed to replace day to day cleaning. we enhance their service by regular servicing and ensuring that our products are full stocked and in full working order.We ensure by deep cleaning, air fresheners, soap dispensers soaps and hand towels, dryers, etc. are all well stocked and working.

Are sanitary bins a legal requirement in Australia?

Yes according to Safe work Australia toilets should be supplied with, an adequate supply of toilet paper for each toilet, hand washing facilities, rubbish bins and (for female workers) hygienic means to dispose of sanitary items.

Why chose Essential Hygiene?

We are providing Sanitary Disposal and Scenting services from the last 20 years. We provide fully exchange service of Sanitary and nappy units with on-time servicing guarantee. We are thankful to all our valued customers and staff for creating this long journey.

What is the frequency of the invoice for your washroom hygiene services?

We provide customise solution according to your need, we can schedule this according to your suitable time and day. You can complete our contact form to let us know what would work best for you and we will do our best to help.

What area of Sydney do you cover for your service?

We provide Sanitary Disposal and Nappy units from Western Sydney to Newcastle, Blue Mountain to Sydney CBD. Please feel free to contact us for a more detailed discussion.

DO you provide Toilet Paper, Hand Towels, and dispenser, etc.?

Yes, we do, we can provide everything you need for Washroom services. We stock, Toilet rolls, Jumbo toilet rolls, Hand towels, Facial Tissues, Scents Hand sanitizers, Soap Dispensers, fragrances, etc. We offer a premium range of all our products..

How do you update business that the service has been completed?

We provide you a docket which contains the details of all the services done for the day.

How can we compare your prices with other service providers?

We prefer to offer premium sanitary services in Sydney at the best prices and would beat the quality of others. You can contact us today to get a quote and find out the difference in terms of the products and services we offer. We have been providing services for the past 20 years.

Do your servicemen wear Essential Hygiene Uniforms?

Yes, all our service staff is well dressed in their uniforms which will make them identifiable.

Where can I contact for my questions?

You are most welcome to call and email us as we have 24 hr. emergency response time for your peace of mind. We are approachable at 1300889091 and you can send an email at We are happy to listen to you.

What are the other services and products Essential Hygiene Offers?

We provide a range of services and products to name a few are Air Fresheners, Medical Disposal, Insect Control Stations and Sanitiser based solution, hand fabrics table, scenting, etc. You can visit our services and products here.

What business sizes do you cater for?

We are serving businesses in Australia for the past 20 years, we consistently provide a high level of service no matter if you are a small small business or a multinational company.

Do you provide a 24x7‐service?

We have 24 hours of response time in an emergency for your peace of mind. Each of our employees is dedicated to providing the best solution to our customers. You can contact your dedicated account manager over the phone and email.

DO you work with Manufacturing Business?

We have worked with so many manufacturing units across Australia, we understand the requirements and good hygiene workplace need to maintain. Our products and services are designed keeping in mind the employee safety and the environment they work in.

As a restaurant or bar business, why should we choose Essential Hygiene?

Our product and service range has been developed to meet different quality and standards for the enhancement of washroom hygiene as well designed to keep the washroom cleaned and smell good for a long time. This can help your customers to feel good and return to use them.

As education facilities why should we choose Essential Hygiene services?

We have been working with schools and colleges around Australia and have developed our services to meet your requirements and keep the hygiene level high. All our units are produced with an antimicrobial plastic coating which inhibits the growth of bacteria, protecting you from the start.

As an office-based company why we should choose Essential Hygiene?

Essential Hygiene understands that good hygiene is necessary to have more productivity and less absenteeism.Protecting employees to spread fewer germs can help to reduce sickness. We take care of little things which makes a big difference.

As a retail business, why Essential Hygiene is the best service provider?

Your business is not only judged by many factors and that includes your washrooms, if they don’t live up to the expectations you can be sure that over time this can impact the bottom line.

How does Essential hygiene help Businesses in Hotel Industry?

We have customized solutions for Hygiene and Scenting services. Both of these services help to expand Brand recognition. Which results in memory enhancement and customer satisfaction, because 76% of the people believe that if the air smells bad, the business is unhygienic.


What Power Does Scent have in the Business?

48% of people said a pleasant smell would make them more likely to return. It helps in Expanding brand recognition, Creating a Relaxed , stress-free environment. Improving Staff Morale and Mood etc.

Who Actually Notices Scents in the Workplace?

More than 77% of Australian Workers say that the first thing they notice when they walk into a bathroom is the smell.

What happens if a business has a dirty washroom or Malodour?

70 % of people said they will develop a negative perception of a business if the bathroom smelt bad. It’s a legal requirement to have a proper hygiene system for their employees.

What Impact Does a Bad Scent have on employees?

75% of the emotions we generate are on a daily basis are affected by smell. Employees can be more creative exposed to good smells.

How can we do scent marketing at our workplace?

We provide customise solutions according to your liking and requirements, All you have to do is select your Scent- Two diffuser system available – installation and service. Enjoy your scent and have a good smelling workplace.