Our Differences

We care not only for you but for your customers as well


We GUARANTEE to provide consistently outstanding quality services, with products that meet a wide range of washroom traffic demands to ensure a safe, hygienic Environment for your people. Our clients are our priority and we fulfil promises that we make. We will stay with you in thick and thins and look forward to build relationship for years.

No matter if your need lies in buying the hand hygiene products or you are looking for the washroom services, we proud ourselves to have a dedicated staff to take care of your little things. We have process to examine your washroom need and accordingly customised plan is provided to you. As your business is evaluated by many aspects that includes your washrooms. If they don’t live up to expectations, you can be sure that over the time this will impact your bottom line. We take care of minute things that leaves a lasting impression in creating a pleasant and equipped washroom.

Our promise and Service Guarantee:

Whether your washrooms are for staff or customers, Guarantee to provide professional, innovative and hygienic service solutions- ALWAYS. Our full exchange service of Sanitary and Nappy Units is our primary one. We do not handle any waste in your premises or in our vehicles.

Our Products make Difference:

Our services are backed by the products we have and we are proud to use the best products in the industry, all our products are environmental friendly and supports the environment. We take a deep dive in selecting our products so you can be rest assured that you are in safe hands.

Our commitment to our customers:

Full Exchange servicesof sanitary and nappy units

We do not handle any waste on your premises or in our vehicles

Guaranteed on-time

A high quality service, no matter the location.

24 hr emergency
response time

For your peace of mind

No ‘Lock in Contracts’

We use flexible service Agreements that are talked to you. Seasonal servicing options are also available.

No ‘Hidden costs’ or ‘Extras’

Our price includes delivery, installation, product and servicing.

Complete confidence

We provide a signed service confirmation done upon completion of your service.

Regular audits
and inspections

We monitor our hygiene services so, you don’t have to.

High quality dispensers
& accessories

That tick all your needs in terms of apperance, budget and functionality.

Industry experts

Extensive experience working within all industries including an array of public sector clients.