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Don’t compromise on your washrooms. We have designed our sanitary bins while keeping everyday women in our mind. As a result bins are discreet, easy to use and suited to all businesses. The slimline design allows the unit to sit neatly besides toilets, even within small cubicles. Quality is also important, so we choose a bin that is high quality and has a modern design. They are available in modern charcoal grey color, which suits all bathrooms. Our manual bin also features a handle on the lid. This means that the user doesn’t need to stand to use the bin.

Like the sanitary bin, the internal components are also of high quality. The units are lined with an environmentally friendly, tear-resistant liner. Inside there are also strong sterilising granules. These granules work  to eliminate odour causing bacteria. We aim to make our units as hygienic and eco-friendly as possible.

the servicing

Sanokil has been servicing the washrooms for over 25 years. So you know we have the experience to give you a great service. On each service, our trained technicians will replaced your entire sanitary bin with a fresh sanitised unit. We don’t just change the liners. This means your bin is always be hygienic and clean, lowering any risk of cross-contamination.

Why do you need sanitary bins ?

Sanitary bins are vital element for any washroom that is used by women. They should provide a safe, discreet, hygienic and easy way to dispose of sanitary waste. Without a sanitary unit inside washrooms, the user is more likely to flush sanitary items down the toilet. This can result in costly plumbing issues.Our sanitary bins are functional and hygienic while also stylish and modern, allowing them to be installed on your premises without compromising on image.

If you are looking for a sensor operated sanitary bin, view our automatic option here.

Features :

Sterilising Vapour that Kills Germs and Odours.

Entire Unit Exchanged and Sanitised at Each Service.

Service Intervals Designed to Meet Your Requirements.

Practical, Durable and User-Friendly.

Slimline Design to Fit Neatly Alongside Toilet. 

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