Hand Hygiene

We are proud to introduce ourselves as Essential Hygiene, a pioneering name in the Hygiene Services Industry. Hand Hygiene is the necessity in terms of providing a safe environment to your valued visitors and employees. It is a necessary practice to wash your hand after using the bathroom or before eating your food. This can help in reducing the spread of bacteria and infectious viruses. You can reduce the range by regular washing, wiping, and sanitising your hands. Having Hand Hygiene practice at your workplace can reduce absenteeism and can increase the value. We provide several services under Hand hygiene; some of them to name are hand sanitisers, paper towels, liquid soaps, and dispensers in bulk to commercial and residential services. Our hand sanitiser dispenser is one of the best in the industry, and we have put on brick-by-brick to build ourselves as a trustworthy provider of Hygiene products and services.

Why do you need hand Hygiene products and services?

You must know places that are thronged by the public all day long, turning out to be a breeding ground for different microbes. Premises, where cleanliness and general Hygiene are compromised, will become ground of diseases. Both the products and services come hand in hand to supplement each other. Ensuring the safety of your employees and visitors is part of your responsibility as a business. An easy-to-use hand sanitizer dispenser, Hand Soaps, Hand Towels or dryers can help your employees keep them away from germs. Your step taken to protect them will also be appreciated, especially in the time the global pandemic will help arrest the spread of the virus.

Features of Hand Hygiene Services:

Need Assistance?

Essential Hygiene can help you to develop a Hygiene management plan and implement it to perfection. Right from when you contact us to the point of service delivery, you will have nothing less than the best customer service. Our Corporate representatives are amicable and knowledgeable professionals with profound experience. We will be delighted to assist you out at any time if you need assistance. Please feel free to inquire more about our services or check-in at our corporate office to have firsthand experience of our professionalism and capabilities. Speak To us today.