Male Hygiene Services

When it comes to hygiene and cleanliness, males give equal importance to the hygienic and sanitation in the washrooms as do the females. Therefore, Essential Hygiene holds the pride to be one of the Male Hygiene Service providers in Sydney who gives exceptional services to the male washroom services in restaurants, gym, schools and universities, lounges, offices building, etc. Urinals are a common ground for bacteria and smelling odours because of the uric salt buildup, which results in an unpleasant smell. Often certain kinds of garbage are placed in the urinals, which can cause a blockage of washroom pipes, especially in high foot traffic premises.

We offer Two types of urinal Hygiene service: Urinal Digital Sanitiser and Urinals Eco Mats. 

Our Urinal digital Sanitisers are connected to the cisterns and help clean, sanitise, and deodrising of the urinals and toilets. With each flush, urinal and WC sanitisers release a small amount of scented fluid, which is entirely automated. while mixing with the water in the cistern, this helps stop the growth of bacteria and scale build-up . Also helps in reducing the bad odours, keeping the plumbing clear and blocked drains away. Which as well results in a No No environment for harsh chemicals.

Eco Mats are ideal for both flushing and waterless urinals. These are environmentally friendly, which means that they will not damage your drainage or planet. An active ingredient is released each time the ECO mat comes in contact with the liquid and helps eliminate the odour and organic waste. With each flush, the fragrance released helps in creating a pleasant environment.

Why do you need Urinal UCO Mats or Deodoriser?

When you flush your urine, the bacteria become airborne and start spreading to people through the air. It causes a direct threat to all the people who are using your washroom. However, when you use our urinal digital sanitizers, you can get excellent control for maximum efficiency.

Therefore, you can easily make sure that germs are away from the filled areas of your toilet. Moreover, it also ensures that your washroom always remains sanitized, clean, and fresh to provide you with a highly pleasant experience of your restroom. 


Need assistance?

Our products and services are much discrete, and their effect lasts for a very long time. In easy words, they are the notorious guardians of your washroom. Hence, get rid of all the germs and the diseases associated with it by using our top-notch quality of Toilet Seat Care Products. Contact us today with your questions.