Paper dispensers and consumables

Every business with restrooms for public or private usage needs hand hygiene supplies for their guests and employees. No matter if you are a school, gym, restaurant, or business office building or any other public area, you need a paper towel dispenser in your washrooms. Essential Hygiene Services takes pride in providing the best dispensing solutions at the best prices.

We provide a range of hand hygiene solutions that includes: Hand sanitiser Dispenser, Hand Soap Dispenser, Commercial Toilet Rolls, Wall Mounted Paper towel Dispensers, and many more. All our products come in various colour and material options. To stand out from the crowd, we walk through an innovative procedure to provide you with an unparalleled range of hygiene solutions. According to the research, the most effective drying method is a paper towel for the removal of bacteria. Dispensers help reduce the spread of bacteria and preserve a great decorum of your restroom with their modern designs. In addition to it, the installation is free and is done by experts to make sure that you get an exceptional experience.

Why do you need Paper towel Dispensers or Holders?

paper towel dispenser ensures that your washroom stays safe, hygienic, and well-equipped over the long term. It is an indispensable part of your restroom. It ensures that your guests never have to deal with toilet paper piling on the floor or to run out. We understand the versatility of operations and maintenance of different restrooms. Therefore, we provide you with an endless range of paper towel dispensers at your service. With our products, you can make sure that your bathroom is always ready to use and stocked.

No matter if you are a small workspace or a large one, attractive paper towel holders are appreciated by employees. Among the other office furniture, this product also helps in creating a productive and harmonious working environment. Moreover, according to a survey, it is evident that customers report a negative experience when running out of paper towels.


Need Assistance ?

We’ve been serving numerous credible healthcare facilities, government bodies, corporate institutions, and education sectors with our products. On top of that, you can always find legal certifications on all our ranges of products. We never compromise with the environment for the sake of services. Among other office furniture, Soap & paper towel dispenser also plays a significant role in your office’s cleanliness. It acts as a mark of hygiene of your workspace. Therefore, you need to make sure that you have one in your office as well. When you purchase Washroom Accessories through us, you not only get a product that matches the design of your office but also a service worth remembering. Contact us for more assistance.