Sanitary Bins Services

Sanitary disposal, in basic terms, is the expulsion of any undesirable female sanitary waste. Nonetheless, just discarding these items or flushing them down the washroom can prove to be a significant hazard and harm property. 

It is our job and responsibility to take sanitary hygiene servicing seriously, in fact very, very seriously! We’re here to raise the standard of the industry and deliver peace of mind. On each service, our highly trained technicians will fully exchange Sanitary Units with a freshly sanitised unit in your washroom cubicles. A full exchange service ensures the optimum level of hygiene and freshness in your washroom cubicles, eliminating the risk of dangerous cross-contamination and airborne bacteria emitting from your sanitary units. That’s why Essential Hygiene will only ever Fully Exchange your sanitary disposal bins. 

All our units are produced with an antimicrobial plastic coating which inhibits the growth of bacteria protecting you right from the start; All sanitary units are emptied washed and sanitised at our depot( not in your premises or inside your cubicles). Our units contain an eco-friendly sterilising vapor with essential oils to inhibit bacteria growth and neutralise odors from within. Surfaces are treated with our barrier sanitiser forming a protective layer, killing germs for up to 30 days. 

Why do you Full Exchanged Sanitary Bins Service?

Sanitary bins in workplaces are often the most ignored item after routine cleaning is done in the washrooms. These containers are the most favored breeding grounds for hazardous microorganisms and diseases. Especially today, with the growing trend of ‘on-site servicing,’ disposable sanitary bins represent a critical danger to health when they are not sterilized and disinfected by an expert. The condition of the washroom reflects what a business is attempting to pass on to their clients. An immaculate washroom instantly influences client feelings, which are gainful for the company. It may sound disappointing, but filthy scents, unhygienic washroom scenes, and the absence of legitimate sanitary disposal facilities contrarily impact the business. Only an experienced company like us that offers feminine hygiene services can keep away such bad experiences.

Features of our Sanitary Bins Disposal Service?

How can we help you ?

We believe in a dependable, valuable, and germ-free environment. While washrooms are commonly known to be unhygienic if not purified appropriately, there are different territories in the restrooms that are equally dangerous, one being sanitary disposal bins. Essential hygiene excels in providing washroom hygiene services and maintaining the cleanliness and sanitation of your workplace. We’re here to increase industry expectations and convey genuine feelings of serenity. Australia’s most prominent brands trust us. Quality Assurance will be provided to you with peace of mind. We are obedient in all domains of our business, Holding both ISO9001 and ISO14001 environmental standards. We offer customizable packages that can be chosen according to your business’s necessities, and all our washroom solutions are conveyed with high quality by our team of experienced and efficient experts. Contact us today with all your questions.