Sharp disposal service

Sharp wastes that are needles, broken glasses, razors, scalpel blades, or even broken plastic pipettes are bio-hazardous waste. It must handle with much care. Safe disposal of sharp objects is not only required at health care units. It should be of great concern in cosmetic surgery or general practice, tattoo saloons, hotels, shopping centers, and council parks, etc. Our Sharp Disposal Service ensures that Sharp disposal and hazardous waste are taken care of well according to EPA regulations.

It makes us responsible for society. With the right clinical disposal services, we may save ourselves, our family, and our neighbor from getting injured or infected. Essential Hygiene provides a safe and secure collection of units for contaminated sharp wastes. The units are carefully designed to dispose of Syringe and Needles. The Containers have a dual locking system and tamper-proof. Our Sharp Disposal units come in standard Australian Yellow colour and various sizes. You can quickly identify them in your washroom or Medical clinic. Our trained staff emptied them at an agreed-upon interval and disposed of safely. We have satisfying services that include the supply of the container, Full-exchange service, and disposal to all occupational and safety standards.

Why do you need Sharp or Clinical Waste Services?

Sharp Disposal units in the washroom are nowadays must-have feature which business provides primarily in the toilets of the restaurants. They want to have a hassle-free, hygienic, and clean environment for the people who have diabetes. We must separate the sharp waste from other waste to stop injury with sharp objects. Damage caused by sharp objects spreads infectious diseases. Never flush sharps down the toilet. This puts waste workers, housekeepers at risk. We at Essential Hygiene always provide you with FDA cleared container. Our service professionals fully exchange the units at each service and replace it with a new sanitised unit.


Need assistance ?

As time progresses, so do the business needs, and we fully understand that. We are more than happy to adjust the services according to your requirement with our No lock-in contract policy. For sharp disposal, servicing is an important part. Essential Hygiene provides you all that on-time servicing Guarantee. Contact us and talk to our account managers for detailed information. Get a free quote based on your requirements.