Washroom services

Do you remember your last audit for the washroom services or hygiene products? Our free onsite inspection valued at $ 150 will give you an eye-opening understanding of the cost-effective solutions that can revamp your washroom’s hygiene and sanitary waste management.

 Leaving your hygienically poor washroom to be used by your employees and visitors can lead to viruses, sickness among your employees and visitors, infection, etc. Contact Essential Hygiene Services to help you understand what is most valuable and suitable for your washroom areas. We can deliver the right system at the right place and time while keeping hygiene standards and quality control measures. Our services include Sanitary bins Services, Nappy Bins Services, hand Hygiene, Scenting, Male Hygiene Services, Air freshener, and odour control, Toilet seat cleaners, Sharp disposals, and much more. We also offer products which go hand in hand with our services. 

Why do you need Washroom Services?

An area can become a cross-contamination ground if the proper hygiene standards are not applied in the right systems and place. For example, in high traffic areas like the washroom, microorganisms thrive in moist environments, and this is where our services and product range can handle the battle upon. To maintain quality and good washroom to be used at your workplace, proper hygiene solutions are needed. We provide a range of services and products to cater to all your need for washroom services. We can offer you the solution based on your needs to budget to traffic usage while maintaining the regular service audit to ensure all our dispensers and hardware are working correctly and hygienically, friendly all the year-round. 


Need Assistance?

We are proud to have highly effective washroom and hygiene solutions. We are backed by our fully trained and qualified services professionals who ensure the high quality of services and industry best standards. To have a healthy and happy environment, Excellent hygiene is the way to succeed. We can have an in-depth audit about your washroom components; if you didn’t have any recent update regarding the washroom services, we could help you cut costs and start saving while maintaining your hygiene standards. Contact us for more details.