Essential Hygiene provides cost effective and environmentally friendly solution to all the commercial spaces which includes Office, business, gyms, real estate, property management offices and many more. Having a sanitary bin at your workplace is the legal requirement. We work closely with the business to understand their need and provide custom solutions to the highest safety, health and environment standards. Our team works closely with the clients to provide services and products which are cost efficient. We provide full exchange service of Sanitary Disposal Bins and Nappy units to give your employees and customers peace of mind. We understand that the good hygiene is the necessary requirement for the employees to work in a productive environment.

How can Essential Hygiene Help you achieve hygiene in your business?

Because of a lot of traffic in the washroom area, equipment’s being used several times by employees, and there is a chance to miss the Hygienic standard, which is a difficult situation your business to showcase that you care for your employee. We can help you in a number of ways to achieve the standard of hygiene in your offices. We provide solutions from Paper towels to Hand sanitisers, Hand Dryers, Liquid soaps, etc. We offer full exchange service of Sanitary Disposal bins and Nappy Disposal Service, which can give your female staff a relief from germs and an easy way to discard their sanitary objects. Each time a new bin is replaced from an old one and is bought back to the depot for sanitising. We produce granules inside the liners, helping in the delay of germs’ growth up to 30 days. Our pysect aerosol dispensers make sure that your premises are bug-free and can keep your canteen and food areas away from germs. Scenting promotes positivity, with our premium scent solutions we can help you spread the aroma up to the corner of the room, with our sensors enabled dispenser you can save energy and perfumes. Male Hygiene services help you achieve a fragrant environment in male washrooms, with our eco mats and urinal deodorisers we provide blockage and smell free cubicles and much more.

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Our process of providing best Hygiene Service

Request A Quote: Once we receive your request to get a quote, we will offer a free estimate with a minimum turnaround time. Analyse your quote and if you are happy with what you have received, sign and email the quotation back to us. Our Experts will get in touch to do the rest best things.

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Installation:  our Installations is entirely free and is done at a time of convenience, which makes no disruption to your business.

Service: our technicians will attend the premises at the scheduled time. Audits are done regularly to check the quality.

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